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Notebooks Vs Netbooks

Netbook and Notebooks are wonderful examples of rapid advancement of technology. Most of the gadget lovers are often confused between these two. People who are willing to change their ageing laptops are struggling to choose one between these two types of systems. Before you make your final decision between the two, you need to be aware of basic difference between a netbook and notebook.

Let’s start with the size aspect. Netbooks definitely enjoys an upper hand when talking of size. They are light, compact and small and look very sleek. The screen size of netbook is usually 11’’ or less. They weigh almost half of notebooks and are perfect for portability. Netbooks also have an advantage over notebooks in terms of battery life. Compared to notebooks, netbooks consume less power and last much longer than notebook. Netbooks have small screens and no optical drive and that helps in saving power consumption. Netbook is ideally suited for internet browsing and for basic data processing. A notebook has high speed processor whereas a netbook has low processor. Netbook also has low disk storage capacity and relatively less RAM. Most of the netbooks have hard drive space of 160 GB.

Netbooks are idle bet for gadget freaks. However, on the down side, netbook is not really equipped to play movies, games or for other multimedia purposes. Notebooks are perfect for heavy computer users and for running all sorts of applications. Notebook offers speed and multitasking abilities.

Coming to price issue, netbooks are definitely more conveniently priced than high end notebooks. In fact, cost is the single biggest factor working in favor of Netbooks. Netbooks are easy to carry whereas notebooks are heavy and pricey. One should choose between the two depending upon his computing requirements. For basic users, Netbooks are perfect bet whereas for heavy users, notebooks are a must-have.