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Notebooks Vs Netbooks

Netbook and Notebooks are wonderful examples of rapid advancement of technology. Most of the gadget lovers are often confused between these two. People who are willing to change their ageing laptops are struggling to choose one between these two types of systems. Before you make your final decision between the two, you need to be aware of basic difference between a netbook and notebook.

Let’s start with the size aspect. Netbooks definitely enjoys an upper hand when talking of size. They are light, compact and small and look very sleek. The screen size of netbook is usually 11’’ or less. They weigh almost half of notebooks and are perfect for portability. Netbooks also have an advantage over notebooks in terms of battery life. Compared to notebooks, netbooks consume less power and last much longer than notebook. Netbooks have small screens and no optical drive and that helps in saving power consumption. Netbook is ideally suited for internet browsing and for basic data processing. A notebook has high speed processor whereas a netbook has low processor. Netbook also has low disk storage capacity and relatively less RAM. Most of the netbooks have hard drive space of 160 GB.

Netbooks are idle bet for gadget freaks. However, on the down side, netbook is not really equipped to play movies, games or for other multimedia purposes. Notebooks are perfect for heavy computer users and for running all sorts of applications. Notebook offers speed and multitasking abilities.

Coming to price issue, netbooks are definitely more conveniently priced than high end notebooks. In fact, cost is the single biggest factor working in favor of Netbooks. Netbooks are easy to carry whereas notebooks are heavy and pricey. One should choose between the two depending upon his computing requirements. For basic users, Netbooks are perfect bet whereas for heavy users, notebooks are a must-have.


Asustek’s Low Cost Laptops In India

asus-eee-pcAsustek is famous company that has managed to carve a niche for itself in the highly competitive western market. It’s a Taiwan based company with global operations. Why we are talking about this company is because of its expertise at providing low cost laptops. It has already managed to garner a significant market share in USA and is now targeting highly potential Indian market. It is focusing on Indian market with its Eee PC range of low-cost laptops.


Asustek made an impressive start in low cost laptop section. Within the first two months of its launch in Taiwan it managed to sell more than four lakhs units. Indian market is a highly prosperous one and seeing that it comes as no surprise to find Asustek’s interest in the emerging market of India. Company is offering the cheapest model at Rs 13,000 and that includes duties. Actually company was planning to launch laptops earlier but the demand for its units in other parts of world outstripped the supply. That explains why they are having this delayed launch in the Indian market.


The products launched by company will allow users to surf net, sending e-mails and use Skype and MSN among others. It will also have Wi-Fi connectivity, LAN card and USB ports among other features. The laptop will be using flash memory of cell phones instead of traditional memory. It weighs less than 1 kg and has storage capacity of 2 GB to 4 GB. The size of Eee PC resembles to a small diary and it operates on Linux operating system. It will be very useful in India considering its vast potential in educational institutions.