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We all have heard of presentation or seminar. There are two distinct parties in a seminar; presenter and the participants who either listen or interact with the presenter. Most of the times, the only technology being used in a seminar is a projector or a laser pointer. But then, we are living in the era of technological revolution. Now, you can sit in your office or home and participate in a seminar thousands of miles away. You could just be a participant or even give a lecture listened by several people in real time. You can also answer all the questions raised by the people. It could be a class lecture or a corporate conference. This path-breaking technology is called webinar.

The webinar makes use of modern technologies like the internet, computer and the speaker or headphone. Webinar not only save time but money also. No one including the presenter or the participants needs to be physically present there. All one needs to have is an internet connection. Some of the important features of webinar include multimedia files, keynote slides, markup tool, digital video camera, remote mouse pointer, full motion webcam, real time audio communication, and speakers etc. Webinars can also organize web tours for participants with the help of URLs and scripts.

People attending the presentation activity can chat for live questions and answers. Screen and application sharing is also an important part of webinar. It helps in saving money spent on travel and material. Considered as the most effective method of conducting meetings, webinars can be conducted from 2 to more than a 1000 people anywhere in the world. Considering the benefits offered by webinars, they are here to stay.