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Making Your Computer Run Faster

Regular computer user often faces the problem of slow performance every now and then. Those who are not really familiar with working of computers call computer guy and pay him significant mullah for something that they can handle on their own. So what is the right recourse? Simple, take the matters in your hand and learn some of the basic things that you can always handle on your own. So let’s begin with how to make your system work faster and give optimum performance.

Start with freeing up the disk space. This will significantly help in making your system run faster. How to do that? Again, quite simple. Use Disk Cleanup tool in-built in the computer and regularly get rid of the unnecessary items lying in your system. What this tool does is to identify files that are rarely used and deleting which system does not get affected in any negative way. One should also get rid of temporary Internet files, downloaded program files, Windows temporary files as well as the optional Windows components and installed programs that you don’t use. And don’t forget to empty the recycle bin as well.

Many basic computer users are not aware of defragmenting tool. By defragmenting your hard disk, one can speed up the access to data and improve the performance. If you don’t defragment your system for a long duration, the computer tends to go sluggish and slow down. So remember to defragment it on a periodic basis.  Also try using Error Checking Utility regularly because that will identify bad sectors and will repair them. Lastly, those who surf internet regularly, should opt for Anti-spyware that will protect the systems.