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Tips for Removing Adware

Many computer users are fed up with consistent attacks of adware which is basically software that is not meant to harm your system but to display unwanted advertisements on your computers screen. These adware often come through other software that is available for free.  For instance, if you download new wallpapers or new themes on your computer or any games etc, you run the risk of downloading adware also. Usually, adware is not harmful and don’t cause any serious problems but it can be highly irritating. It can also slow down your system and will hamper your productivity. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to get rid of adware.

Instead of focusing on removing adware, you should focus on prevention of adware on your system. Don’t download any software that has not been published by any reputed manufacturer. You need to be cautious while downloading icons, emoticons and futile software etc. There is plenty of software that can help you in removing adware. Such software first scan your system for all the adware and then clean out all the adware from your computer. But you should buy anti-adware software only from a recognized and certified manufacturer.

Many a times, adware come through junk mails or spam. You should not open and click all the spam because that will automatically install adware on your system. You should delete all the temporary files, cookies and folders from your system on a regular interval. Always update your anti-adware software for better results.


Broadband Connections- Types

Broadband internet connection has come as a boon for net users. Before the arrival of broadband, the only option for internet users was the dial-up connection in which telephone lines were used to access the internet. The dial-up connection was very slow and costly. It used to take a long time but arrival of broadband connections changed that scenario. Also known as High Speed Internet access, it provides high download and upload speeds and also enables you to surf websites with far better speed. You can also make voice calls with the help of broadband connection. That explains the rising popularity of broadband connections. There are different types of broadband connections.

SDSL refers to ‘Symmetrical Digital Subscriber line’. SDSL connection requires separate phone lines to provide access to the internet. It is ideal for those who have vast amounts of data to upload.

ADSL is ‘Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line’ and it is most popular type of broadband connection. In this mode of connection, devices are used to connect it to telephone lines. ADSL connection is famous for providing higher download speeds. Compared to SDSL, ADSL offers slower upload speeds.

3G is the latest technology in broadband connection. With the help of 3G, you can access internet on your mobile phones with relatively higher speed. Using 3G, simultaneous transmission of data and voice becomes much easier. It also offers fast data transfer.

Wireless ISP is another type of broadband connection and it refers to ‘Wireless Internet Service Provider’. Popularly known as Wi-Fi, it can work every effectively within a certain range. However, accessing internet through Wi-Fi can be difficult at places like hill stations or basements etc because of poor signal.

The Difference Between Bluetooth And Wi-Fi

Data has become the most valuable commodity in today’s world. That makes the role of collecting and transferring data even more crucial. New technologies have arrived on the scene to make these functions friendlier for the users. When it comes to transferring data you can’t help but think of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Both these technologies are used in establishing connection between two devices and transfer data.

Talking specifically about each one of them, let’s start with Wi-Fi first. Wi-Fi connection uses wireless router to convert the data into radio signals. Thereafter, data is transmitted to the devices attached to it. It is used to provide connectivity to the internet. Usually, in case of Wi-Fi, router is connected to a DSL internet connection. On the other hand, Bluetooth devices use radio waves to transmit data from one device to another.

Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are quite different in their operations. For a layman, it is hard to set up a Wi-Fi connection without knowing a bit about networking whereas anyone can set Bluetooth devices. You can connect endless number of devices using Bluetooth but Wi-Fi connections are restricted to routers and modems. Wi-Fi form LAN connections using which users can share data and communicate with one another apart from accessing the internet. But Bluetooth devices create PAN which only allows limited amounts of data transfer. Wi-Fi connections can have range of 300 feet whereas Bluetooth devices have an effective range of about 30 ft only.

The main use of Wi-Fi is in transmitting data from a system to DSL internet lines but in case of Bluetooth, the main usage area is transfer of audio data from cell phones to wireless headsets. Bluetooth have slow data transmission speed compared to Wi-Fi connections. To sum up, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have different spheres of operations and they both serve different purposes to different users.


We all have heard of presentation or seminar. There are two distinct parties in a seminar; presenter and the participants who either listen or interact with the presenter. Most of the times, the only technology being used in a seminar is a projector or a laser pointer. But then, we are living in the era of technological revolution. Now, you can sit in your office or home and participate in a seminar thousands of miles away. You could just be a participant or even give a lecture listened by several people in real time. You can also answer all the questions raised by the people. It could be a class lecture or a corporate conference. This path-breaking technology is called webinar.

The webinar makes use of modern technologies like the internet, computer and the speaker or headphone. Webinar not only save time but money also. No one including the presenter or the participants needs to be physically present there. All one needs to have is an internet connection. Some of the important features of webinar include multimedia files, keynote slides, markup tool, digital video camera, remote mouse pointer, full motion webcam, real time audio communication, and speakers etc. Webinars can also organize web tours for participants with the help of URLs and scripts.

People attending the presentation activity can chat for live questions and answers. Screen and application sharing is also an important part of webinar. It helps in saving money spent on travel and material. Considered as the most effective method of conducting meetings, webinars can be conducted from 2 to more than a 1000 people anywhere in the world. Considering the benefits offered by webinars, they are here to stay.

Voice Mails Systems

We all know the concept of voice mail and how it works. It is a wonderful tool in the hands of people and corporate houses. In fact, the best example of how voice mail works is to check out the customer support of any company. You will be welcomed with a sweet automated voice that instructs you about different options. Voice mail is not just that automated system. It is much more than that. What actually voice mail system does is to record messages from people both inside and outside the organization. Here, we are talking from a corporate point of view.

In corporate houses, there is this centralized recording equipment that records, stores and plays back the messages. It also acts as an answering machine. Voice mail is a wonderful tool for corporate as they can answer many phones at the same time. It is also used in transferring callers to their respective numbers for personal assistance. Voice mail system saves a lot of money for business houses. There is no need of hiring someone just to attend the call. Company can leave the calls unattended and it will be diverted to respective call recipients. Choosing right voice mail system is very important.

Quality voice mail systems are quite expensive so it makes sense to thoroughly analyze its functions. It should meet all the business requirements of the corporate. Don’t go for the glamorous features that you won’t require. Using internet, one can get all the information pertaining to voice mail systems.

: Image courtesy- looklocally.com

Canon FS10

There is a huge surge in the demand of camcorders. In fact, camcorders are one of the most popular product categories in the fascinating digital world. This segment is choc-a-block with top multinational companies and their superior products. Every other day, we come across the news of new camcorder being launched. One of the popular models in this category is Canon FS10. This model has managed to catch attention of many people right from teenagers to young adults. FS10 boasts of a stylish design and its compact structure is simply ideal for all types of moviemakers. The SD camcorder has a large storage capacity and is very power efficient.

The large storage capacity offered by FS10 was earlier a feature of HDD models. But now, it must be considered as the prime feature of Canon FS10. You will be delighted to know about its 8GB in-built memory. The memory can be expanded by using SD/SDHC memory cards. Some of the attractive features are all new 45x advanced zoom, DIGIC DV II1 processor and genuine Canon video lens.

Canon FS10 scores high on aesthetic front. It looks hugely stylish and appealing. Weighing just 10.7 ounces, FS10 has dimensions of 2.3 x 2.4 x 4.9 inches, which makes its highly compact. Convenient to use, the camcorder is available in striking silver color. If that’s not enough, FS10 is empowered with an intelligent battery system incorporated within it. The battery life is much longer than the conventional digital camcorders with DV Tape or DVD. Last but not the least, Canon FS10 is also compatible with Canon’s new standalone Canon DVD Burner DW-100.

Choosing the Right Microwave

One of the most important kitchen items for a woman is definitely microwave. Invented by Percy Spencer, it is a must have in any urban household. Microwave has come a long way since the time it was invented. It is not only convenient but also saves a lot of time. One can cook almost anything in microwave and that’s a big advantage for those with time constraints. For many women, it is hard to imagine life without a microwave. If you are planning to buy a brand new microwave, one has the options of choosing from hundreds of models offered by great many companies. In the light of the numerous options, finding the right one is not an easy task.

Before you embark on your hunting, remember to check the functions of the microwave. Keep in mind your priorities. If the purpose is just to make coffee or a readymade meal then even a low functioning microwave will work. Microwaves are available in several sizes. So think about kitchen size and place before you finally choose one. Also remember that your favorite food should also be able to fit in the microwave. Budget is the next consideration. Always have an estimation of how much you are willing to spend on the microwave. That will help you in narrowing down your options. It will also be easier for you to quickly finish the shopping process.

Make sure to have a thorough look at the features offered by microwave. Check for the factors like grill, convention, convection cooking, turntable plate and melt mode. You can also go for microwave with sensor. One should be able to clean microwave in a easy fashion. It should not scratch easily. Controls should be proper and display large and clear.