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History of Radio


Radio must be one of the common household items in every part of the world. This electronic appliance has turned out to be one of major companions of humankind. It has been a very fascinating journey for the wonder appliance. T possesses great history and consistent evolution. It all began in 1860s when Scottish great James Clerk Maxwell presented his findings about radio waves. The discovery led to further inventions and discoveries along the way. From radio waves to electromagnetic waves it has been an eventful journey for radio.


First radio signal was sent and received by Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi in 1895. This phenomenon was soon followed by first wireless signal across the English Channel in 1899. 1902 proved to be a crucial year in the history of radio when Nikola Tesla patented wireless radio transmitters and radio technology. In the initial phase the communication was limited to ship to ship and ship to shore. The technology went one step further when Lee Deforest invented space telegraphy. Mr. Deforest also coined the term ‘radio’. His invention introduced amplitude-modulated or AM radio.


Edwin Howard Armstrong is credited to give us most popular technology; FM radio. The year was 1933 and qualitative improvement in audio signals was distinctly visible. Other significant dates include 1947 (invention of transistor by Bell Labs) and 1954 when Sony introduced transistor radio. Since then it has been a story of continuous evolution and today radio is undoubtedly one of the most popular mediums of entertainment.


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