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Putting Music on an iPod from CD


iPod has been one of the most entertaining inventions of recent times. It has managed to enthrall music lovers all over the world. Music is something everyone likes to hear so from that perspective iPod has definitely proved to be one huge success.  This article will focus on putting your favorite collection of music onto your beloved iPod. The basic step begins with linking your computer to the internet and downloading iTunes from the Apple website. Another likely case is you already have the desired iTunes then in that case my recommendation would be to update all the versions you have. That will result in getting hold of fast versions.


If you have songs in the CD and you want it to transfer it to iTunes then store all the songs to your computer. Thereafter, you will need USB cable with the help of which you will connect your iPod to the PC. While doing this make sure to check both PC and iPod are switched on. It’s quite a simple process after that. All you need to do is to drag and drop songs from iTunes to your iPod.


In case you want to use internet for putting songs on the iPod then start searching an authentic site from where you will have t download the wanted songs. These sites are often prone to malware and spyware so beware of viruses while downloading songs. Once the downloading is completed now transfer the favorite songs into your iTunes. In the final stage you need to use USB cable to connect iPod to the PC or laptop and check whether both are switched on. Lastly drag and drop and there you are listening your favorite numbers on your iPod.


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