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GPS Cameras

The year 2008 belonged to GPS Cameras! One of the pioneer companies in producing GPS chips was ‘Sirf Technology’. Going by the trend and popularity of the device, more and more camera makers are thinking of producing cameras enabled with GPS technology.  Think of the consequences. Now remembering the date, time and place where you took the lovely pictures of beautiful sunrise will become so easier. You won’t even need to strain your memory for these things. Everything will be available in your camera, thanks to GPS technology.

The company mentioned above is also toying with the idea of launching a new technology. By the help of this new technology the moment you switch on the device it will tell you about its location within 10 seconds. Known as Geotagging, this technology makes adding location information to photographs very easy. No doubt, end users are extremely delighted by this new development. It is no less than any technological breakthrough.

Just imagine the benefits of photo tagging. It solves numerous problems pertaining to memorizing locations. GPS enabled camera with latest technology will also make location-telling technology very comfortable. However, it is suggested not to use these pictures on social networking sites as people will immediately come to know about your whereabouts. On the downside, you will need to have your camera switched on all the time so that GPS remains activated and in such condition, battery life will become low.


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