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History and Origin of Mobile Phones


Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone whereas Charles Stevenson is credited with developing radio communication. Marconi and Fessenden were other crucial persons in telecommunication revolution who contributed immensely. Once basic telephony and radio technologies came into existence, they were merged. But during the initial period people could only listen or talk, just one action at a time because of different frequencies. Then in 1920s, mobile radios came into being but they were mostly used on experimental basis. In 1940s, the practical system pertaining to mobile radios witnessed practical implementation. Police and emergency services were first to use these services because of public welfare issues. During the period of 1940s, seeds of cellular and digital wireless technologies were also sown. That gave rise to the cncept of commercial mobile telephony.


1948 saw arrival of transistor that proved to be of immense help in developing lighter, cheaper and smaller devices. By then telephone work were still done using large vacuum tube and transistor. But when digital switching and low priced microprocessors came into existence, wireless revolution started establishing its roots. Sooner, the usage of frequencies was made efficient by developing Total Access Control System (TACS) that was basically a new mobile telephony system. The name cellular phone was also given in the same period. However, Analogue technology had limited scope and that factor led to the development of Global System for Mobile Technology or popularly known as GSM. This new technology completed changed the entire scenario. Now all the factors like voice quality, radio spectrum, international roaming etc were seamlessly integrated. Remotes regions in the world still faced coverage problem and that was solved by inventing satellite phones. Now everyone on earth is reachable through mobiles.


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