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Technological Revolution- Mobile Phones

Look around everywhere and what is the most common thing you see? The answer is quite simple. Mobiles. Yes, mobiles are the most ubiquitous thing in our world. The way mobile has expanded its presence, it’s astonishing. I Indian context, mobile phones have been nothing but revolution in the Indian society. The word ‘telecom industry’ acquired a complete new meaning and significance. Add to that, several ancillary industries. This industry alone has given jobs to millions of people in India. Also the fact that, India has the lowest call charges in world has helped in increasing the usage of mobile phones to stratospheric proportion. But how many of us have an idea about origin, evolution and development of mobile phones? Those who are yet to know this part of history will know all the information in this article and subsequent one.


Mobile phones are often said to be a modern invention. But its origin goes back to the time when basic telephony took place. Graham Bell is credited with inventing basic telephone in the period of 1870s. That step was followed by capturing radio message and these two inventions completely changed the way the world used to function. Mobile phones are nothing but successful amalgamation of basic telephony technologies and reshaping them. In the development of mobile phone, both telephone and radio played a major role. Thereafter it has been a gradual journey with many historical milestones. First telephone then radio which was followed by cellular and GSM and finally satellite phones.


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