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MP4 Player

mp4_playerTechnology keeps surprising us every passing day. Every day, some thing or the other is being invented or improved and it kinds of gets difficult for people to keep track of all the developments in technology world. One must strive to keep connected with all the happenings in technology arena. One of the inventions which have managed to make many fans is MP4 technology, commonly used as high end coporate gifts. MP4 files have made life very easy and comfortable for gadgets loving people. MP4 files are nothing but multimedia files. Used for storing audio, video, data and various other information in a container format, MP4 technology is used to compress data without affecting their quality. Moving Picture Experts Group also known as MPEG accepted MPEG 4 video and audio coding standard under the formal standard ISO/IEC 14496. By compressing the AV stream, MP4 technology works wonders in several aspects of technology.


MPEG 4 includes several useful features of MPEG 1 and 2. Other unique features include, object-oriented composite files like video and audio and VRML support for 3D rendering. Other types of interactivity are also supported by MP4 technology. It is basically a standard which is in nascent stage. Different companies use different set of features while implementing MPEG 4 standard. There is no fixed direction for it. While playing MP4 Files, one needs to have splitter which helps in accessing audio and video data, playback software and decoders. Decoders include filters or codecs. Normally most of the MP4 files come up with default Window Media Player. The best software to play MP4 files is VLC player which is easily available on internet. One can also have Haali Media Splitter or FFDShow.


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