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MacBook Pro

The name ‘Apple’ refers to quality and popularity. Whether its iPhone or Mac, Apple has always delighted techno loving population with its latest innovations. The latest launch from the stable of Apple is MacBook Pro. This is an updated version of its earlier laptop MacBook Air. In fact, this is the latest release in India by Apple. MacBook Pro boats of beautiful aesthetic design which has already started to find mention in different reviews. Compare it with any other laptop in market and you are sure to find the difference in terms of weight and look. It’s also quite slim apart from several other useful features. Its quite user-friendly in terms of backlit keyboard which works in dark with the help of ambient light sensor. MacBook Pro also has spacious keyboard which includes regular numeric and alphabet keys and two finger scroll which makes navigation extremely easy. This laptop is a definite improvement compared to earlier version because of significant internal overhaul performed on the system. It scores highly on performance.


MacBook Pro has new Penryn-class Intel CPUs, backlit LED option and touch pad gestures. Screen resolution is very notable and battery life will satisfy the users. Pro has wonderful sound system along with aluminum chassis body which is extremely useful in absorbing heat that ultimately results in keeping the laptop cool and this long lasting. System has latest 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo with 100GB 5400 Serial ATA hard drive and 667MHz front side bus and main memory. Other specifications include, slot loading super drive, PCI Express architecture, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, two USB 2.0 ports and built in microphone. MacBook Pro is definitely making a mark in the competitive segment of laptops.


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