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Google G1 Phone

google-phone-linuxGoogle G1 Phone is one of the foremost examples of progress of technology. This set is a wonderful mixture of computer and mobile. With is features and looks, it is surey going to challenge Apple iPhone. G1 has 3.2 inch screen which covers the front panel. With dimension of 117.7 mm x 55.7 mm x 17.1 mm and weight of 158 grams, G1 stands neck to neck with iPhone in terms of looks and design. It has a QWERTY keyboard and opens with a side slide. Its features are surely going to be talked about. Soft keys also help in making it easy to operate.


Using G1, users can surf net as well as use all the applications of Google including gmail, YouTube and GTalk. One can also watch Google maps on G1. The operating system used in G1 is Android that is very helpful in making your internet surfing experience enjoyable. Now, there is no need to open your computer. All you need to do is to use features of G1 and all the purpose of computer and mobile are fulfilled through single handset.  


G1 also has in-built compass that helps you in finding your way out. You are also saved from hassles of slow net connection because of G1 Phone’s high speed internet access which works equally well on both Wi-Fi and 3G network. The phone also has motion sensing technology. This touch phone has drag and drop UI and inbuilt 2GB of memory that can be expanded up to 8GB. It has Bluetooth 2.0 and 3.2 mega pixel camera. Definitely G1 is one of the modern day gadgets one would like to get hold of in the year 2009.


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