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Pentax K100D

 Indian had never had it so good in terms of technological goods. Many renowned companies have set up their shops in India. Welcome the new entrant, Pentax. Pentax is the latest company to launch its wonderful range of digital cameras in India. The model is Pentax K100D digital SLR camera. This camera is getting good reviews. K100D has sensor resolution of six megapixels and innovative CCD-shift camera shake reduction system.


Pentax K100D digital SLR camera has unique feature of two ‘tone’ options using which one can get Bright (the default) and Natural color options. This feature is also instrumental in defining color tone, mapping, and sharpening baseline for image processing. K100D’s sensor resolution accepts lenses using the Pentax KAF lens mount. The “Shake Reduction” function of this digital camera is making all the difference. Using this option, users can control focus automatically as well as manually using a phase detection system with 11 points. One can also use penta-mirror optical viewfinder for framing photos.


Pentax K100D digital camera has been manufactured by using plastic as the major component. Camera also has lightweight metal chassis and special fiber-reinforced plastic for the external construction. That gives it a interesting and attractive fusion of rigid structure and sleek looks and rigid structure. It has dimensions of 129 x 93 x 70 mm and weight of 660 g (with batteries).  K100D has 2.5″ LCD display with a resolution of 210,000 pixels. It also has eight scene modes and four Picture modes apart from five-mode flash strobe. Its definitely a power and feature packed digicam.


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