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LCD TVs are quite a rage these days. Possessing LCD or plasma is definitely an indicative of status symbol. LCDs are known for high definition video quality as well as for sleek and gorgeous looks. In fact, most of the popular gadgets these days are quite sleek in design and probably that explains their popularity amongst techno loving people. This post will talk about one of such popular sleek items and that is LG’s Jazz LCD TV. LG’s first product in flat panel category was ‘Scarlet’ which received fair amount of success. FPD stands for flat panel display which is relatively a new entrant in the crowded TV market. But very few products are available in this particular segment of FPD so this new offering from LG is sure to raise the heat in the LCD segment.  


Jazz LCD TV boasts of appealing designs. It has LED under the bezel’s plastic. With user friendly remote and comfortable buttons, it scores some brownie points in design department. If you go behind the screen, you will find 2 HDMI inputs and a pair of Scart sockets. Jazz works in three different modes of sport, cinema and game. Clear voice technology is another standout feature of the product. So quality of sound is praiseworthy. One interesting feature is presence of intelligent sensor which is very useful in setting backlight in accordance with room light.


It also has very attractive auto sliding speakers. The system boasts of 500w sound system and stylish exteriors. One can also attach cable boxes, DVD players and game consoles in the HDMI ports and watch his favorite programs. With newly designed interface and contrast ratio of 50000:1, one is sure to have amazing viewing experience on Jazz LCD TV.


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