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Xbox 360 and Final Choice

xbox_360_blackXbox 360 is one name that stands on top of the priority list of video games consoles. It is credited to be the first next-generation console which was launched. It has the most developed games at its disposal. To the delight of users and to satiate their different tastes, Xbox 360 is available in three variants of Elite, Premium in the mid range and Core for budget users. Xbox Elite has a humungous 120 GB HDD and it comes up with bundled wireless controller. Xbox Premium boasts of an integrated 20 GB hard disk. Users can also have several bundled accessories with it including, Ethernet cable for online games, headset and HD AV cable. One can connect to a high definition TV with the help of HD cable. The budget Xbox also known as The Core is a simple one with no hard disk or memory card. That means, users will have to spend extra on these things.


Our previous article talked about PlayStation and Wii. Together with Xbox, these two occupy the topmost positions in the console market. Now the users have to choose from these three. If one is going for budget, then Wii fits the bill followed by Xbox and PlayStation. But if one is looking for largest variety of games then go no further than Xbox 360. But different users have different tastes so those who look for creative games should go for Wii whereas PlayStation will be offering you most wonderful visual games in coming times. Also watch out for bundled accessories and games.


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