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Video Console Players

There are several good video consoles available in market. Almost all of them have a niche segment. One feature common among new generation of PlayStations is they can be adjusted vertically or horizontally depending upon the space constraints. The major players in current time are; Sony’s PlayStation 3, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Wii from Nintendo.


The name Sony signifies class and quality and going by its standards, PlayStation also has always been a trend-setter. It possesses innovative Cell broadband engine which has wonderful processing capabilities. The storage space is also impressive with two options of 60 GB and 80 GB. Another attractive feature of PlayStation is its new technology Blue Ray Discs which is slowly replacing HD DVD.


Other appealing features are good compatibility with other Sony peripherals and Sixaxis wireless controller. The controller comes bundled with the PlayStation 3. The controller has this in-built motion sensing system which is easily changeable between wireless mode to wired mode. This is especially useful in demanding game session. The PlayStation also has memory stick reader which is able to read almost all regular formats of memory sticks including Compact Flash and SD.


The Nintendo Wii is not that big name when compared to Sony and Microsoft but because of its attractive features it stands on its own in the highly competitive video console market. It will offer you quality game play and also realistic graphics. It uses fundamentals of motion sensitivity which helps players in interacting with the game universe. It has two controllers Nunchuk and Wii remote and because of them, the game becomes much more interesting to play.


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