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Introducing WiMAX

WiMAX represents newest technology in the telecommunication world. Many people are still wondering about ifs and buts of this concept so that demands to have a look at this technology. WiMAX is a new addition in the league of wireless technology. Earlier there were WiFi and 3G (3rd generation) technology, people were hooked to but now emergence of WiMAX has come as a welcome addition. It offers you much wider scope and coverage along with faster surfing speeds.


WiMAX refers to Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. Technically speaking it’s quite similar to WiFi in few aspects like base station requirement to provide coverage. But it differs in the fact that, WiMAX possess a more powerful emitter. Other difference is WiMAX can broadcast up to 70 km whereas WiFi is only limited to 10m. WiMAX also scores over 3G in terms of higher bandwidth connection despite the fact that 3G has a range of 140 km. higher bandwidth signifies more data processing.  


WiMAX frequencies hover in range of 2GHz to 66GHz as per the official site. One needs to keep in mind; lower frequency represents wider area coverage. This is an open platform technology compared to 3G. This technology is being widely used in several countries. In fact, many governments are making it primary source of broadband connection and spending large amounts to create solid WiMAX infrastructure for better mobile internet access. That will also result in more widespread communication facilities.


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