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Online Backup Service

Backing up our computer data is very important in view of constant need of data whether for business needs or personal needs. Most of us face the burnt of HDD malfunction every now and then and all we are left up with is loss of non-retrievable important data. Although we have one tried and tested method of having another hard disk as backup where we can store al the needed information. So, what else?


Well, technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Now those we constant need of backup data need not worry. They can rely upon online backup services. There are quite a few of them. One of them is Intronis eSureIT. Quite popular amongst net savvy people, this is wonderful software with interesting features. Its primary features include, multiple PC backup support and Intelliblox. On the down side, it boats of a relatively higher price tag and data transfer speed is also slow which may cause despondency amongst users with faster transfer needs.  The numero uno in online backup option is Mozy Pro. It has excellent protection features. Software features are also attractive apart from higher transfer speed. It serves you well and remains the favorite amongst users. Mozy Pro offers unlimited home service plan. However, users need to be patient while uploading and downloading files at the same time. It causes a bit of delay at that particular time.


The last one is IDrive. It works wonderfully well for small backup options. It also boasts of a reasonable price tag. On the downside, there is slight problem while transferring large data of files. So, go enjoy online backup option without bothering about other things.


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