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Buying a Laptop

lappyLaptop is gradually replacing personal computers. In fact, most of the people in corporate world carry laptops because of its ease of carrying. Corporate people are always on move and considering the urgency of time it’s quite natural and inevitable for them to have laptop. It’s a logical choice for people on the move. Buying a new laptop demands proper planning. It must suit your needs. While purchasing a new laptop, one must think about his purpose behind the purchase. Why are you going to need it? Is it some simple regular work or hi-tech graphics usage? This factor will largely determine your budget and specific models. If one just needs to use net with office functions, then even a simple, no-frills laptop will work fine.


Technically factors need to be watched are; HDD space, RAM and processor. New applications take a lot of space so one should try to get at least 80 GB hard disk with 1 GB of RAM. A Pentium processor will be better because of its proven track record and service. Other features include DVD combo drive and speaker quality. Battery life is also very crucial for persons with need of spending long hours on laptop.


Depending upon one’s job profile and laptop portability needs, one should opt for lightweight system. Users also have the choice of choosing from matte-effect screen, glossy or touch screens. Extra features one can look for are inbuilt camera, handwriting recognition feature, memory card readers and in-built microphones. The laptop bags available are; HP, Lenovo, Sony, Dell, Acer and Toshiba.


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