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GPRS Technology

GPRS is a buzzword which has created a lot of interest amongst mobile lovers. For the uninitiated, GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a technological advancement through which you can connect to internet and it can be used anywhere and wherever. By using GPRS mobile users can send and receive data over IP based network. GPRS enables you to access mails and other internet applications. It’s a wonderful wireless tool which is very easy and convenient to use. Usage of mobile phone has evolved with time. From being a luxurious item it has turned out to be a absolute necessity.    


In order to use GPRS, one need to have a GPRS enabled mobile phone device. For activating this service, user needs to consult the service provider by visiting the website. Then depending upon usage, user can opt for the plan. Once this done, you will need to go to the settings option of your cell phone and then check network and connectivity option to enable GPRS. Other details the user needs to go through are; name of the service, APN, user name, password and finally consulting customer care service of the service provider. The tariff plan will vary upon user’s frequent use and downloads.


There are several wonderful cell phones available for the purpose of GPRS. Most of these cells are available within the appropriate budget. However, use must choose a cell phone with wide screen for the desirable usage of GPRS. One can choose from mobile sets like; Nokia 3600, 6600 or go for RIM’s Blackberry Bold 9000 or Sony’s Cyber Shot K790i. Motorola also offers Razr2 V9 and Samsung have Instinct EV-DO Rev. GPRS is a wonderful tool for the purpose of internet access.


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