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PlayStation boasts of a huge fan following across the world. Since the day of is launch it has kept mesmerizing people especially kids. So what is a playstation? It’s primarily a video game console. It was launched by technological giant Sony. PlayStation’s huge success was followed by PlayStation 2 which is Sony’s second video game console. The process of creating this wonder was started way back in 1999 and finally the gizmo was launched in March 2000. Initially it was launched in Japan.  The basic functions and designs of this popular gizmo is quite similar to the original version, however many new features have been added in PlayStation2. Its popularity was such that demand far outshone the supply. People flocked to retail shops to have a dekko at it and bought it like anything. PlayStation2 (PS2) boasts of an amazing 1400 games to choose from.


PS original can be upgraded to PS2. This way, they can access older games as well as new games. This particular fact was the single biggest reason behind its huge sales. PS2 was also technologically enhanced and could speed up the games and also could improve graphics. PS2 is built in Ethernet. It gives you a real feel of playing games. While playing online, one can always find many users to play with online. PS2 is equally effective in reading CD and DVDs. One more attractive feature of PS2 was it could play DVD movies as well. It also supports HDD and memory cards.


Other features are; Dolby Digital AC-3, 3D graphics, acurate physical stimulations etc. it has sold millions of units worldwide since its release. PS2 also has an upper hand over its competitors Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo GameCube.


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