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Musical Cell phones

Talking about musical cell phone, Nokia offers another wonderful N series phone N73. This phone has 1GB mini SD memory card. A music listener can store upto 1000 songs in eAAAC format. To add to music feature, it also has a 3.2 mega pixel camera, which makes it ideal for taking photos. N73 is also useful for FM radio and visual interactive channel. 


Sony Ericsson is an established mobile player that offers many mobiles with amazing picture and sound quality. Sony is known for its technological advancements and Ericsson was one of the pioneering companies in cell world. One of the popular mobile from this combination is Sony Ericsson W200i. It is categorized as a walkman phone. Just press one touch button and all the music application is on your fingertips.   


This phone comes up with software, using which one can also rip music from CD through computer and store the songs on the cell phone. W200i has a terrific sound quality which gets enhanced by its mega bass facility. Sony Ericsson W580i is also an attractive option for music buff for its proprietary track ID software. One can record the music and use other useful features by using the music database. W580i also has a unique flight mode which is of tremendous help during the flight duration. Shake control is also a new feature through which one just needs to use wrist to change the track.

MotoRokr E6 is a popular product from Motorola stable which is basically a music-capable PDA phone. It comes up with 30 full MP3 songs preloaded and wireless stereo music headphones. This phone supports multiple music formats including MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, MIDI etc.




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