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Handsets for Net Telephony

Users without Skype account need to navigate to the Skype site and create an account. Skype offers you a great deal of privacy because of the fact that calls are encrypted so no chances of any listeners. One must understand that Skype is not a replacement for your regular phones because both the talkers have to log into a broadband connection in order to be able to talk. Different phones are;


Philips VOIP841- This cordless handset will receive Skype calls when the base station connects through cable to your broadband. You can also connect it to landline. It will make your pocket lighter by $149.99.


Belkin Wi-Fi Phone- it’s a skype-only phone that uses Wi-Fi and cost Rs 7,900.


Belkin Desktop Phone: It uses a cable to connect to your broadband. Price: $99.99.


Netgear SPH200D- another duel mode one which works with both landline and Skype. System works on one base station and up to four cordless handsets. Price range starts from $170.


Linksys CIT400: this phone is a dual-mode one because of its ability to work both as a Skype phone and landline. It will cost you $139.99 and several phones with higher prices are also available.


SkypeIn and SkypeOut- skypeIn is a paid for service whereas skypeout is sort of optional service which can be used to make normal mobile or landline calls. However, one glitch is SkypeIn is available in only 21 countries and as your worst fear come true, India is not one of them.


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