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Internet Telephony

All of you know, free internet calls can be made from your computer. But you will be surprised to know several new phone instruments are available in market which uses Skype to make internet calls. So no need for computer as far as internet calls is concerned.


Many of the computer buffs have an idea about Skype which is free software using which you can make free voice calls to other Skype users anywhere in the world, through the Internet. Skype offers great voice quality if you have a sound broadband connection. It’s very easy to use and probably that explains its popularity across the world. It is owned by famous eBay and as per their data approximately 309 million users avail this service.


The basic premise for using Skype involves using a laptop or a physical desktop computer. Computer is used as a telephone instrument where you also need to have speakers or headset and a microphone. You also need to have basic computer skills which include knowing switching on system, logging in and other options like clicking options etc. sounds complicated, eh? Actually no. it’s quite comfortable to use but for advanced and frequent users another viable option is using Skype phones. That way, you won’t have to remain limited to computer. Skype phones differ in design. Few of them are normal desk phones, few others cordless and even like an ordinary mobile phone. All you need to use it is to taking it out of the box, switch it on and connect to broadband connection and here you go! You will need to log in with Skype id and password and the handset will automatically retrieve all the contacts fed into your Skype account. Our next post will talk about different available Skype handsets.


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