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Weeding Out Unwanted Softwares

These days, all new branded laptops and PCs come preloaded with numerous new softwares. Most of them are actually not needed. Few bundled softwares are also subject to trial period. Every computer user has different needs but in general, large number of these loaded softwares is quite useless. These softwares are never used by several of newbie’s. The prime reason behind presence of these so called new softwares are either marketing stunts or as an agreement under third party programs. Another perspective about these softwares is, they make your system sluggish. Booting up process is slowed down and speed of applications is often not much to our liking. The reason being, interference of these unnecessary softwares with system’s operations.


But you need not worry. You have options of using several useful softwares that can detect such unnecessary softwares and can delete them. PC Decrapifier is one such software that will let you know about such softwares. It presents you all relevant details and will take your permission before deleting anything. However, it does not detect each and every thing. User will need to remove few things on his own. For that, one needs to go to start, run and type MSCONFIG. Sing AUTORUNS are other useful options. Provided by Microsoft as free software, it will give you all the details concerning loaded applications, associated files, registry and file locations from where you can configure things on your own accord. Once you have all the needed information available on your screen, you can remove all the unnecessary items using “Hide Signed Microsoft Entries”. The best part about this option is its primary focus on third party software. Once you are done with it, you can enjoy your surfing without bothering about problems like slow system and irritating boot-up process.



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