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New Keyboards

gal_saitekQWERTY keyboards are the most common one amongst computer users. Interestingly, this keyboard pattern was designed in way back in 1874 and yet it has continued to remain the most unchanged and recognizable keyboard design. It is definitely a crucial cog in the wheel of digital revolution. But just like everything else, designs in keyboard are also changing. Several new keyboards with fresh ideas and innovative designs have been launched to improve the interface between user and computer.


Really cool is an interesting keyboard with great features like contaminant proof and water proof ability. It has tactile feedback keys which are compatible with standard keyboard layouts. Built-in track pads are also available and it does not require any special software drivers. It’s ideal for medical, marine and industrial use.


OrbiTouch Keyless has no keys. Rather, it comes with two domes that look like giant volume knobs, on a curvy surface. It’s a very use to use, comfortable keyboard and an excellent option for people with finger injuries or some other repetitive strain injuries.


Maltron Ergonomic 3D is all about comfort. Suitable for especially physically challenged people, this 3D keyboard has split design which eliminates the trouble of wrist movement. The company also offers single hand keyboards.


Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 is, as the name suggests is a wireless keyboard with rechargeable batteries for both keyboard and mouse. It connects through Bluetooth even from a distance of 30 ft. it has intelligent backlighting option which adjusts itself to the room lighting conditions. Another option for new age computer users is Buffalo Skype Keyboard which makes internet voice telephony a wonderful experience because of its Skype handset in-built into the keyboard design. With built-in speakers and as many as 13 hot keys for media playback control, it is definitely a wonderful keyboard.  



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