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Phillips DVP5996K DVD Player

The DVP5996K is a brand new offering from the stable of Philips. This DVD player boasts of a sleek body and stylized looks and not to forget several features. Quite sleek and light weight, this player has undoubtedly stunning looks.


Philips had last launched DVP3266 DVD player and compared to that, DVP5996K is quite good looking and also supports DivX Ultra format. Rest, most of the features are quite similar. Accessories accompanying this player are quick start guide, HDMI cable and instruction manual.  


This player also offers rip MP3s option which was also present in the last launch. Users can select the speed as per their requirements. It can be normal or fast, bitrate (up to 192kbps in Normal mode and 320kbps in Fast mode), or even keep the ID3 tag. This player also supports JPEG and HD JPEG image format. The player can also play music while viewing pictures. Audio option is by default stereo but you ca also choose other options like multi channel and virtual sound. CD up sampling option helps you in improving the low bit rate songs’ quality.


This player also supports several codecs except except for XviD Dev codec, QPEL and WMV. One can however find audio playing for all the videos. Even 720p movies ripped with Mpeg-2 and Xvid format play fine on this player. This DVD player will cost you Rs.4,700 and comes with a 1-year warranty. Compared to other products in the same league, it is definitely cheaper. Definitely a pick, considering bidget, HDMI cable and DivX Ultra option along with sleek looks.


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