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Tata sky

Last decade in India witnessed technological revolution in form of Color TV and VCR. Many households embraced these two new technologies with open hands. It was soon followed by VCD player. But it was simply a beginning of new wave of technological revolution. Many new technology and instruments had to be followed. In the 1990s, we saw the proliferation of two devices that found their place in numerous homes; the color TV and the VCR.


Now a day, the usage of set-top boxes and satellite TV has spread far and wide. The old cable is slowly getting extinct. One of the foremost player in digital TV revolution is Tata Sky plus. It is not only a set top box but also acts as personal video recorder (PVR).  It offers several new features like pause and rewind Live TV, facility of recording two programmes simultaneously or watch one while recording the other, and series Link feature. Tata Sky Plus runs on MPEG4 technology.


The Tata Sky Plus device has internal 160 GB hard disk where recorded videos are stored and can offer up to impressive 45 hours of video recording. It also has two in-built tuners. This new Tata Sky is an advanced version of older one as it works on MPEG4 instead of MPEG2. Another attractive feature is series link feature. This help in recording a program at a scheduled time every week without having to preset it every time. Apart from that, picture quality is quite superb as is its wont.


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