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Smartphones are one of the biggest technological revolutions in the world of communication technology. Smartphones offer you many rich features like convenient browsing with attractive features and email facility. Apart from that, various connectivity options like edge, 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi, big size screen which eases the process of surfing apart from making it comfortable for your eyes, storage capacity, swift OS and QWERTY keypad. For general works performed on internet can be easily done on smartphones like, checking emails, reading documents and attachments, instant messengers (IMs) etc. There are few good quality smartphones available in market.


Apple iPhone 3G was one of the most anticipated product launch in the world. Apple is famous for its iPods and computers. iPhone 3G can also be termed as phone integration. It offers you great browsing experience and useful applications. It is one of the best options for mere surfing purpose. It also offers you Google maps, IM, YouTube, WiFi etc. it has touchscreen and multiple featured media player.


HTC Shift is relatively a new entrant compared to other majors. It offers you good browsing experience but in the hindsight its weight and bulk goes against it.


Nokia E71 has sold like hotcakes amongst smartphones devotees. Relatively cheap compared to other smartphones, E71 offers you many great features in addition of QWERTY keypad and blackberry connect. However, it has a relatively small screen but it scores some brownie points on basis of design and features.


HTC Diamond is a delight when it comes to touch pad. This window mobile has managed to make its mark in hugely competitive and niche market of smartphones.


Nokia E90 – its features include, QWERTY, GPS, WiFi, number pad, 3G to name a few. It has Opera Mini browser. On the downside, it is quite bulky and not so friendly symbian OS.


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