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Sony Walkman NWZ-A726

Sony as a brand is synonymous with quality and performance. This gadget is for those music freaks that prefer quality over any other aspect of Walkman. NWZ-A726 has a slim and light design and is very lightweight. It also has an impressive 2.4 inch screen. With bright display and sturdy built, A726 also has a 5-way D-pad with a chrome border. The center button of the D-Pad is recessed and needs just a soft-press. The bottom side of the walkman has a 3.5mm jack and USB port. Other features are reset pin hole in the back and number of screws for easy replacement of battery. User interface is also quite easy to use and provides users with lots of options. Main Menu has options like Now Playing, Video Library, Clock Display, Photo Library, Music Library, Playlists, and Settings.


A726 offers great sound quality with deep base feel. Though, there is no FM yet it makes up for that with its sound system. The Sony Walkman A726 will cost you Rs.8, 990 with a 1-year warranty. Its price in 4GB is equivalent to the price of an 8GB iPod Nano. It’s a tough choice for music lovers but if you are looking for space of 8 GB in range of 10,000 then definitely iPod is a better option. But if you are willing to sacrifice space for quality then A726 is the one, which will satisfy you the most.  Both competitors have similar battery life along with same video format and need conversion. But when it comes to sound quality, Sony Walkman definitely wins hands down.



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