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HCL MiLeap MH04 Netbook

HCL has recently launched MiLeap MH04 Netbook for people who are primarily inclined to do basic tasks like media playback, internet browsing, and office productivity. It has a good screen, performs good with a decent keyboard. It comes bundled with Windows XP CD and few other applications. It also has an edge because of its competitive pricing. With MiLeap series, HCL had entered into the UMPC and Netbook market. MiLeap series belonged to the lower end models. Though, the competition is getting tough so HCL is also gearing up with planned launch of few upgrades.  


HCL MH04 is basically a repackaged MSI Wind. It has a 3-cell battery with 10 inch screen. Looks are quite average but the weight is very light. Screen of MH04 offers decent readability, quality and has a bright feel about it. Basic tasks are performed admirably by this netbook. The bundled CD with Netbook has some useful applications like IrfanView, VLC player, OpenOffice, licensed BitDefender anti-virus suite and Microsoft Works. There is also an application named HCL LooKeys which changes the keyboard input into various Indian regional languages. HCL also offers dedicated customer support for HCL Leaptops.


The HCL MiLeap will cost Rs. 25,990. With relatively low price and well functioning performance in basic tasks, it makes for a decent choice. Though, it lacks a good battery life and build quality. In that case, Eee PC 1000H offers a better alternative. 


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