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Sony Ericsson C902 (SE C902i)

Sony Ericsson C902 belongs to the high end camera mobile segment. Basically, this set is quite slim and simple with 5 Mega Pixel camera. The C902 has a slim candy-bar design but it also gives you a very solid feel. Its powerful camera is located at the top of the screen which can’t be seen until one slides the top of the screen to reveal the lens. C902 slimness can be gauged from its 10.5mm size.


Sony is always known for its revolutionary technologies including audio and video systems. C902 offers multiple camera features and it’s bound to delight the camera lovers. Camera has face-detection and auto-focus features. It also has a new technology named Geo Tagging. This feature tends to tag the images shot by using the camera with the fairly accurate location of the place where it was shot. It’s very much similar to GPS system but it functions by using cellular triangulation to finalize the location.


C902 has an attractive design with volume buttons placed on the bottom on the right side whereas charger and data socket is on the left. It also offers now cumpolsory techolocal features like MP3, FM, Bluetooth, USB etc. It also has 3G network and HSDPA. . Though it lacks on WiFi and GPS, it isn’t a smartphone that will please the business users. For music lovers, there is MegaBass technology which is quite suitable for speakers output. C902 has 160MB internal memory and accelerometer that rotates the pictures that one is viewing. However, this handset lacks GPS, WiFi and Xenon flash.  


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