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Technology and Gadgets

Technology and gadgets are ruling the world and convergence is the new buzzword of the 21st century. Without the gift of technology, communication and commerce would not have reached the stage it has reached today. The world has indeed become global with the aid of technology.


Be it mobile phones, computers, cameras, satellites, televisions, DVD players, palm tops, automatic geysers, vacuum cleaners and more – people have benefited greatly with the latest that technology is offering today. Companies world over are competing to offer portable, compact, versatile and advance gadgets as corporate gifts. The phrase that ‘the world is in your hands’ has actually become true!


Technologically advance gadgets have been useful in areas like home security, personal and quick communication, cooking appliances, software developments, information dissemination and more. Man is becoming more and more dependent on technology. Right from brushing ones teeth to driving a car to using your palm top to talking on your phone to playing on your Play Station to preparing your dinner in the microwave to a cozy sleep in your bed with the electronic massager giving you a massage – we are using technologically advance gadgets to a greater use.


Technology has actually made our world a ‘global village’ as termed by Marshal Mc Luhan. Technology is now heading into a strange new world that is intermingled with the pre-textual patterns of communication. It is not exaggeration if one expresses that technology has played a major role in bringing people, culture, traditions closer thereby laying the foundation for a global unity.


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